Bowle’s Old Pocket Map of London 1792


A fine replica of Carrington Bowles’ 1795 pocket map of London, England. Bowles’ first edition of this map was issued in 1777, and was regularly updated through to the end of the 18th century. Interestingly, this particular edition was issued shortly after the cartographer’s death in 1792 by his firm, Bowles & Carver, from their offices in No. 69 St Paul’s Church Yard, London. This remarkable map covers the UK’s capital on both sides of the Thames River from Hyde Park in the west to White Horse Street in the east, and from Islington in the north down to Lambeth in the south. Being so intrinsically detailed, the map often notes individual buildings, estates and gardens. The table along to bottom of the image highlights the principal churches and buildings depicted on the map.