Stunning Panorama of Old London c.1745


A large (in excess of 3 1/2 feet in width!) and truly stunning piece of artwork guaranteed to create a WOW factor and conversation point when displayed in any home or office. Drawn by Friedrich Bernhard and published in the early 1700’s by George Balthasar Probst; a German, engraver and publisher of Bavaria.

One of the first ‘aerial views’ of London it dates from circa 1745. Packed with intricate detail including London Bridge and the Thames River with numerous sailing barges ferrying cargo to and from ships to the London wharves, passenger ferries and larger craft along the busy river. The map’s title piece features the arms of the king and of the city. Our digitally enhanced reproduction has been carefully reworked to reproduce this delightfully hand coloured map in all its former glory whilst retaining its charming antiquity.

We are pleased to offer a carefully framed edition in a sumptuous high quality gold leaf one and a half inch wide bespoke frame. Please select from the size box.

Friedrich Bernhard was born in the late 1600’s in Prussia. Little is known about his life. To the distress of his teachers, who saw the gifted youth leave school very early to follow his wandering impulse. Since he did not have his own means, but nevertheless wanted to see the world, he, like his grandfather, who held the post of a sergeant lieutenant in Glatz, became a soldier and during his short service met one Colonel Bettendorf of the Holstein Regiment. Impressed by Bernhard’s extraordinary drawing talent he funded the guidance of a good teacher. As the soldier’s life soon ceased to suit him, he took his leave and was fortunate enough to receive large orders from renowned German art publishers, which he accepted with much gratitude as they went to fund his extensive travelling not only through all parts of Germany but also through the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy,  Austria and Great Britain.

The only known remaining copy his atlas ‘Topographia’ which bought together his artistic mastery of illustrating numerous cities, churches, monasteries, and castles gathered into numerous pages, including the London map is located on the Municipal Library of Wroclaw. Individual pages have recently achieved in excess of £8,000 at auction.