Mogg’s Pocket or Case Map of Old London 1820


Mogg’s map encases London and the region 24 miles around the city, covering from Ryegate in the south to the northerly Hertford, and from Gravesend in the east to Windsor on the western side. This old map was originally issued in 1805 and the cartographer published 11 subsequent editions up until 1860 from his offices at No. 51 Charing Cross. The use of the circular format to display this map was somewhat revolutionary at the time and this replica is the sixth edition from 1820, being the first edition in which Waterloo Road appears. This famous road was named in order to honour the great victory of the Battle of Waterloo. Outstanding detail can be seen throughout the map with parks, cities, towns, forests and various important buildings being labeled throughout. A unique reference to Victorian London neighborhoods.

Print Size 24″ x 26″ 

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